Swan Song


By Anton Chekhov
New adaptation by the director
Playhouse Square Center

"To witness this beautifully aged and dedicated couple rehearsing the epitome of fresh young love [in Romeo and Juliet] is unforgettably moving. He palpitates with a reawakened boyish ardor, while she heartbreakingly radiates like a Renaissance maiden image translucently painted over her own grandmother's portrait."—James Demico, Free Times

An octogenarian actor at the end of his career ruminates his life in this tragic-farce.


The director's adaptation combined several translations, moved scenes around, and added materials to transform the play into a vehicle for the prodigious acting skills of the seventy-something-year-old husband-and-wife acting duo, Dorothy and Reuben Sliver. The play revolved around the tension between the crushing reality of what appears to be hilarious human behavior, and what is revealed to be the inner suffering of another being. The performance balanced reflection, regret, and humor.

"Reuben Silver is delightful to watch as he relives his glory days as a young classical actor… Dorothy Silver is most remarkable as Juliet to the actor's Romeo, a scene that director Saidpour has added to the play."—Kerry Clawson, The Beacon Journal