Based on Nikolai Gogol's "Diary of a Madman"
Adapted for stage by the director
Playhouse Square Center

"Call it a stroke of genius that Saidpour…decided to present [the play] at Kennedy's in Playhouse Square Center… A dark, underground, cave-like space resembling a wine cellar more than a theater, Kennedy's is such an ideal setting…that it might have been created specifically for [this].—Zachary Lewis,

Confessions portrayed a contemporary American clerk who escapes his dreary 9-to-5 life by developing a romantic obsession with the young daughter of the company's CEO.


The actions of the play were choreographed around the wooden pillars, the real bar, and in-set windows of the physical setting. The choreography included acrobatic leaps off and on the bar, daring jumps onto the ledge of the recessed windows, as well as hilarious mime feats such as an imaginary going up and down a staircase behind the bar.

"Dressed like a hobo, complete with stained clothes and a crumbling umbrella, Terence Cranendonk is a hilarious tour-de-force in the role, cavorting about the theater, posing spider-like in the windowsills, and endowing his character with an impressive array of physical and vocal ticks. And what a script… endlessly absurd tale involving dogs that talk and write letters to each other, malicious bosses, spoiled teenage daughters, and the king of Spain."—Zachary Lewis,