He and She


Based on works by Anton Chekhov
Adapted for stage by the director and the company
Cleveland Public Theatre

"Both stunning and riveting… Intense physical expression—the ability to use body as well as voice in interpreting a script. It replaces the usual Stanislavsky-based emotional realism used to stage Chekhov with a concentrated fervor that delivers the subtext with fresh insight.—Marianne Evett, The Plain Dealer

He & She, a comedy as seen in relationships between men and women, was inspired by Anton Chekhov's short stories and one-act plays.


From the hilarious story of a professor frightened of and terrorized by his wife to another about a rejected young village girl recounting the story of Peter's denial of Christ, the performance probed the confused yearning for love and meaning.

"Staged with singular clarity with only a warm gold-tan drop, a chandelier and one or two pieces of furniture, it is Chekhov—or life—stripped to its essentials."—Marianne Evett, The Plain Dealer